1. White Night Melbourne, 2014


  2. Port Fairy, 2013


  3. Moffitt.Moffitt. - SemiPermanent Melbourne, 2013

    For more portraits from this series:


  4. Despite 2 shoots today in the scorching 40 degree heat, it was nice to end the day by the water. (at Albert Park)

  5. I put together a behind the scenes timelapse video of me shooting for my new photography service, Foliolio. It’s a photographic service catered towards helping create some solid imagery for designers to use in their portfolios. It’s been a really exciting project to date and can’t wait to see where it goes! Business cards are Pennant’s.

    You can see the final shots at: foliol.io.

  6. There is no shortage of creative inspiration when it comes to working with people here in Melbourne. Over the years I’ve found that apart from the photography itself, it’s the people that I work with that really make the job that I do, something I love. With so many designers and creative people making up my network of colleagues and friends, I’ve decided to reach out to people that surround me with a new idea, which I’m excited to share. It’s called Foliolio.

    Foliolio is a basically a photographic service that will help give designers and creatives the representation they deserve when it comes to showcasing their hard work in their portfolios. There is a strong focus on great photography and creating something that stands out from the crowd.

    I worked with my friends at Pennant to photograph their business cards as my first Foliolio client.

    You can check out more of my “Foliolio” work here: foliol.io

  7. Graze

    I’ve recently started to put aside a bit of time to focus on a new food photography series that I’ve been working on. I spent a few hours working from my home in Melbourne to experiment with some potatoes that I had been, err… “growing” for a few months. Initially destined for a delicious roast in the colder winter months, it soon became apparent that potatoes growing out of control can look quite incredible. So I left them to do their thing in a cupboard. I’m going to push forward with this series, in the direction of photographing simple, interesting looking foods with a bit of character. I imagined them as a family of potatoes escaping the heat of the oven.


  8. Steve Earl at Otway Ranges - 2013

    I recently worked on a story capturing the food culture of Melbourne and surrounds. The highlight was shooting at Otway Harvest, the beautiful ocean side truffle farm of chef, Steve Earl.


  9. One of my many resolutions for 2014 is to use my two favourite cameras more often. As a photographer, I find that I can sometimes go weeks without shooting for myself and forget to appreciate the slowness of shooting film. What are your photographic resolutions? #WHPresolutions2014

  10. Working on a new personal project today. #meholdingthings