1. I recently found a camera I had been meaning to buy for a while on eBay.  I first saw it used by Audrey Obscura, here on tumblr. It’s a Nishika N8000, 35mm camera that takes 4 frames from slightly offset distances on a horizontal plane. It was initially designed for lenticular printing, kind of like the “holograms” that you sometimes see on mouse pads or the occasional movie poster for a 3D effect. Online, they work well as animated gifs.  I also have a similar project using two disposable cameras called Ghetto Stereo.

    This image was shot during a shoot for my “School Teachers" series.  I’ll post the actual photo soon. I just a have a backlog of them to edit!


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    school teachers are sooo cool click
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    Hey, I actually have two or three of those Nishikas somewhere in the basement that I never got around to using. Now that...
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