1. Melbourne’s famous Meatball and Wine bar is home to some of Flinders Lane’s most mouth watering dishes, many of which I’ve been wanting to photograph and of course, devour. I recently got to shoot in there on an assignment for Est Magazine, which proved to be a fun challenge. Wanting to shoot naturally lit and in a tight and dim light space left me with very few options, but had me shooting (and contorting) in ways I seldom do, which was great for the result. The brief was simple :  To capture a few moments during a meeting between Est Magazine’s Sian McPherson and the founders, James and Tamara, of boutique hotel guide and booking service, Mr & Mrs Smith.  It was a lively interview, with many laughs and honest moments, something I love capturing in photographs.  Here are a few of my favourite shots. You can read the full interview, here.


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